Friday, August 05, 2005

Read the Fine Print

Even if it's wrong! The Associated Press has this story. A woman comes home and finds strangers hauling away her stuff!
Kris Bryan couldn't believe it when she came home and realized strangers were taking away her stuff - including her 7-week-old kitten. A legal notice in the Lawrence Journal-World for unclaimed property mistakenly listed Bryan's address. The notice said the items would be thrown out if they weren't picked up from the apartment.

"I was freaking out," said Bryan, 22. "I told them, 'That's my apartment - there's been some mistake.'"

Sgt. Dan Ward, a spokesman for the Lawrence Police Department, said Bryan confronted the people at her home, who showed her the Journal-World ad. They returned the items they had taken, but others had already made off with an estimated $3,300 worth of possessions - everything from a TV and a DVD player to video games and Bryan's kitten.
It get's better!
The Journal-World's chief operating officer, Ralph Gage, said Thursday that the matter has been settled, but would not elaborate on the terms.

"We made a mistake in a legal ad," he said. "It's totally settled to the satisfaction of all parties."
Yeah. Kris Bryan sounds very satisfied. She's just missing most of her stuff! People just walked into her apartment and started hauling it out. Get Real!

The lesson in all this? Get dead-bolts for the door. Oh, and don't always trust the fine print.