Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Rite of Moloch-Worship goes Commercial!

Wisconsin Governor offers oblations on behalf of his constiuents! Get the story from Wisconsin State Journal.

Note the new meme. MSM and its Reasonable affiliates now refer to Embryonic Stem-Cell Research...as just stem cell research. Yeah, that'll really stop Fools from laughing! At any rate, Governor Doyle has spoken: he'll offer State money to the orginators of ESCR as they go corporate:
Cellular Dynamics International - the young company founded by UW-Madison stem- cell research pioneer Jamie Thomson and his partners - is getting a $2 million jump-start from the state.

Using the announcement Monday as both a political statement and an economic growth message, Gov. Jim Doyle said the state is providing a $1 million grant and a $1 million loan to the Madison company. Coupled with $4 million in private investment, Cellular Dynamics plans to use the technology to screen for drugs for heart patients, starting as soon as early 2006.

"The research happening here will reduce the use of animals in drug testing as well as improve the safety of drugs," Doyle said.

Thomson called the allocation "a very important investment" and predicted that his will be the first stem-cell company to turn a profit.

Support for technology businesses such as Cellular Dynamics is part of Doyle's Grow Wisconsin economic development plan, and he outlined the next phase of it at the morning news conference in Madison.
(emphasis mine)
So the MSM isn't the only ones that chase the ka-ching! factor here! What a surprise. While he's busy padding his constituents, he's also making it easier for people to regard unborn children as a means to their own ends. Thus, the worship of Nothing grows and the Great-I-Am worship of the Reasonables becomes much easier to promote. In fact, so far has the Governor's pursuit of dollar signs gone that he's lost touch with what the evermen of America would consider within the pale:
His monetary award to Cellular Dynamics - which will help the company add 33 employees - is the largest the state has given to any technology startup company, Department of Commerce spokesman Tony Hozeny said. More than just a financial boost, it is a message to the Legislature, with the Senate scheduled to discuss a bill today, passed by the Assembly last spring, that would ban human cloning.

"If it comes to my desk, it will be vetoed," Doyle said, calling the bill an "extreme measure."

Thomson said if the Senate approves the bill, it won't affect his company's operations but it will send a damaging message. "For us to retain and recruit" qualified employees . . . "there has to be the perception that we're supportive of science," Thomson said.
(emphasis mine)
Yeah, that's right. Banning human cloning. How extremist! How narrow-minded! How Foolish! Imagine the audacity of believing that each and every person is a unique and precious gift of God, born with a dignity no one may take away! Why, next thing you know, those Fools will be saying that a man can't be comodified, even if it helps the greater good! The nerve of them.

That a sitting governor calls a bill banning human cloning an "extreme measure" and a scientist-turned-entrepreneur considers the passage of such a bill as being unsupportive of science demonstrates the slope our society faces. We can either keep pouring the grease while saying everything's fine, or we can put the can down and walk away.

How many more innocents have to die before we all finally do the right thing?