Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Chilling Reminder of Necessity

(Hat tip to L.A. Catholic.)

If You live in California, vote yes on proposition 73.

Diana Lopez's mother tells you why:
When she learned that her 13 year old daughter had been taken to a Planned Parenthood to have an abortion, Diana Lopez got a ride to the "clinic" (she does not have a car).

After being dropped off there, Lopez demanded that the abortion be stopped.

According to Lopez, the receptionist replied that the clinic couldn’t release any information to her because it was a confidential matter, nothing could be done and Lopez just needed to wait until her daughter came out from the surgery. Lopez’s stunned response: "What? She's only 13 and I'm her mother! I want to be there with her!" (snip) See the Diana Lopez story on video HERE.
The Reasonable Moloch-worshippers want to scare the Joe/Jane six-packs with tales of abusive Parents and vulnerable children. Never mind that nearly every parental notification law has included some form of judicial by-pass in the event of potentially abusive parents. Don't believe them. They'll pump that smoke in the air every time to hide the truth. They must protect their sacred rights at all cost. Otherwise, the free pursuit of the One Thing that Matters grinds to a halt. Can't have that, now. If that means a 13-year-old girl has to get an abortion without her mother knowing it, well...

Time to end the insanity. Time to honor family and life. Time to take back the right to protect our children. Laugh the Reasonable Moloch-worshippers out of our Middle and High Schools. Support Prop 73!