Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Our Foolish Christmas

The Foolish Family enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We stayed home with my parents and brother on Christmas Eve, while the Blushing Bride's family gathered at my brother-in-law Tony's house. After we all returned home from Mass, Dad cooked up a traditional Italian feast, the seven fish. Mira had spent the day preparing several delicious desserts, so we were ready to gorge! We ate up a storm and then turned to the main event. That would be Frankie opening his presents, of course. And the rest of us, too, for that matter.

Frankie had already spent most of his Christmas Eve day playing with his wooden train set. He took time off to tear open some gifts, and was soon overwhelmed with toy cars, more wooden train cars, and a toy workbench! Everyone enjoyed their gifts. Especially your humble Fool. You see, my brother gave me Chessmaster 10th edition! As you can already tell, I indulged in several training games. The program rightfully handed me my own tuckus for my inadequate play!

The Blushing Bride, Frankie and I spent Christmas Day at my Brother-in-law's. We feasted on octopus salad, codfish cakes, seafood paela and roasted pork. Tony kept the wine pitcher full at all times. My sisters-in-law provided a caterer's delight of homemade desserts after dinner. What a spread!

Later on, Frankie opened some gifts that the Blushing Bride's family gave him. He ended up with his spring wardrobe, including two pairs of pajamas good for September.

We enjoyed our Christmas a lot this year. How was everyone else's?