Thursday, December 22, 2005

Clairity's Place

Clairity has done it again!

Taste a sample!
Light of the cook up late rolling out
the dough, cutting vegetables for
the next day’s soup; light in the oven
for the rising loaf of crusty bread. Lamp
light in the barn for milking cows. Light
of stars over cornfields, twinkling eyes
high up over the farms. Light of
the insomniac who sits up with his book
unable to yield to the shadows of sleep.
Light of watchmen, the lighthouse,
throwing shafts of warnings, offers of
help. Little firelights of bugs illuminating
the night with liveliness.
Does she not have Bard's gift of turning a phrase and enlivening an image so vivid that it haunts you?

Help me make Clairity a household name! Send at least three people to read her latest. After you finish it, of course.

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