Thursday, January 19, 2006

From the Writer's Workshop

Eight Thursdays. Our local library hosts a creative writing workshop. Your humble fool signed up.

One of the exercises called for us to respond the the following prompt:
"I am running into the New Year. "
It's the first line of a poem by Lucille Clifton.

Here's my answer to this call:
I am running into a new year
and the bard kicks in my door
Too long I left him
waiting in the dark.
Too long I said, "Soon, soon."
Now he's laughing, grinning
Filling his huge mug
with the last of my guiness,
'til the floor sops
and the stench of spilled stout
soaks into the hardwood
flows out to every breath
I dare to breath

I am running into the new year
and the bard sings
of mysterious happenings
in unheard of lands
of Deep truth
I haven't dared to glimpse
or live
He casts his rhythms around me
and I've lost all will
to put him off again
Am I good or what? ;)

What say you?

Seriously. I can take it.