Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Confessionator: "But she will be saved through motherhood..."

She proclaims the marvelous truth of Motherhood!

Here's the heart of her insight:
...the pro-choice movement has different ideas about the unborn. To them, an unborn child is just a "fetus," or even worse, an "interloper," hijacking and invading women's bodies, ruining their lives, and keeping them from their dreams. But if this is true, then we are all interlopers, we all ruined our mothers' lives and kept them from their dreams. Is this the way humanity should think of itself? I don't think so.

The pro-choice movement would like you to think that motherhood keeps women down. It keeps women from "success" in academia, in business, in politics. But what is success? For the Christian, success is obeying God and following His plan for your life. Motherhood never keeps women down. Instead, it elevates women to higher degrees of sanctification. It frees women from the drudgery of the workplace and the mindless pursuit of money and power. It gives women the chance to influence the next generation and sanctify our culture. St. Paul even says that childbearing is a means of salvation in 1 Timothy 2:15,
"But she will be saved through motherhood, provided women persevere in faith and love and holiness, with self-control."
Praise God for young Fools like the Confessionator. Upon the rocks of laughter like her's will the Communion of Fools for Christ, united with our Savior, batter down the Gates of Hell.

The carpet-sopping Reasonable worshippers of Moloch can rend their garments all they like. Their time of enshadowing society will come to an end. The ever-growing laughter of Fools will drown out their everlasting screeching. The Shadow of Nothing yields to the Light of the World.

So keep laughing, Fools! Keep laughing!