Monday, March 27, 2006

CST and "Missionary Zeal in Asia"

So says this report from

The details:
The commitment of the Indian Church to solidarity, justice and peace, and developments in Catholic missionary work across the Asian continent, were the main themes of a national seminar on the social doctrine of the Church. The meeting took place at St. Pius College,(Archdiocesan Seminary), Goregaon, Mumbai from 24 to 26 March, gathering 520 delegates from 55 Indian dioceses.

“I am very encouraged by the positive spirit and passion of the Indian Church for social issues,” Mgr Giampaolo Crepaldi, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who chaired the meeting, told AsiaNews.

“All the papers presented at the seminar endorsed and emphasized the commitment of placing Christ at the centre of society. The commitment of the Indian Church to human dignity, and its cultural stand on various social issues, are to be commended.

“The centrality and promotion of the human person in different spheres of life, has always been the highlight of the Church’s social doctrine, and these values, other than the fight against poverty, the right to peace and friendly industrial development, were the main points of this seminar.”
Catholic Social Teaching is the Church's commitment to placing Christ at the center of society. And why not? Christians live the commitment to place Christ in the center of their lives. When Christians witness to their faith in the societies in which they live, they bring Christ center-stage.

Societies that center on Christ center on Love. Christ's complete self-giving on the cross models for all of us the self-giving we are to bestow on our brothers. What society does not benefit when her members honor the dignity of the human person, the just ordering of society, solidarity to the poor and subsidiarity in social organization? All of these are the principles by which we center our societies on Christ. When we live as a societal norm his law of Love, we shine our light upon the mountaintop and inspire all other societies to give Glory to God.

The sooner we all embrace CST, the sooner that blessed day will come!