Saturday, March 18, 2006

Foolable Mouth-foaming at it's Finest

Amy Welborn watches Garry Wills drive off a cliff:
here's the kicker. It starts at about 12:21, and I've transcribed it, I think, accurately:
Wills: There is..a message of life and love in the New Testament. Little of that comes out of Rome now. People are dying of AIDS all around the world now especially in places like Africa and Indonesia now, …when the Pope refuses to allow people to have contraception, he’s killing them. He’s responsible for murder. This is hardly a gospel of life and love.

Interviewer: You say that Pope Benedict is responsible for murder?

Wills: Sure, sure. More people are more resentful and hateful toward the Catholic Church because of that than because of the sexual molestation problem…sexual molesters are terrible it’ know here in Boston, but for the most part, not always, but for the most part they didn’t kill people. This is killing people on a grand scale, and it’s a horrendous scandal, much greater than any sexual molestation scandal.
Pope Benedict: responsible for the HIV-infection of the masses because the men who rape and sexually exploit girls, prostitutes and their wives have the Catholic teaching against contraceptive use in mind as they rape and exploit.

I thought so.
Exactly how much cognitive dissonance does an intellectual have to demonstrate before he loses all credibility. The utter insanity of his assertions tackles me out of my chair and tickles me until I die laughing! In Mr. Wills world, the Catholic Church's refusal to accomodate the utilitarian evil of sexual sinners directly causes the suffering and death of innocents.

I don't suppose the rape, fornication, adultery or contraction of prostitutes has anything to do with it. No, of course not! How Foolish of me.

Everyone knows that men totally dedicated to objectifying women and satisfying themselves sexually will absolutely follow the Church's teaching on contraception. It's the only Reasonable conclusion one can reach.

Mr. Wills needs a long sabbatical. Far. Far. Away. Where there's not a single connection to any source of media whatsoever. At all.

Either that, or he needs to get on some meds as quickly as possible.