Friday, March 31, 2006

Reasonable "Gay Marriage" Collective Look to Assimilate has details:
Citing polling that suggests opposition to same-sex marriages is receding, gay rights advocates expressed confidence on Friday that such weddings would spread, despite a ruling by Massachusetts' highest court that bars homosexuals from other states from marrying there.

Activists on both sides of the issue were awaiting a court ruling on whether Washington will follow Massachusetts and become the second U.S. state to legalize gay marriage, at least among residents.

"Washington state's Supreme Court right now, any day, is going to deliver their ruling on marriage, so it's something that we've been waiting for a while now to happen," said Brad Luna of gay rights group Human Rights Campaign.

After hearing arguments in March 2005, Washington state's top court will decide whether to overturn two lower court rulings in favor of same-sex marriage. The case was brought by eight same-sex couples denied marriage licenses.
Of course, the catch is that the Massachussets Supreme Court threw a wrench into the works:
Massachusetts's highest court ruled in 2003 that it was unconstitutional to ban gay marriage, paving the way for America's first same-sex marriages in May the following year.

But on Thursday, that court quashed any chance of Massachusetts becoming the nation's gay wedding capital, ruling that homosexual couples from states that ban same-sex marriages cannot legally be wed in Massachusetts.

The ruling, upholding a 1913 state law barring nonresidents from marrying if their home state would not recognize the marriage, was in response to a lawsuit by gay couples from Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

"I really don't anticipate that the Massachusetts ruling will have much of an impact on other state courts because those courts will look at their own state laws and their own state constitutions, and rule accordingly," said Seth Kilbourn, political direct of gay rights group Equality California.
But the real problem? The misplaced optimism of "Gay Marriage" advocates. That polling data that indicates Americans' opposition to "gay marriage" is receding? Well, here's what Pew found:
A Pew Research Center poll taken in early March and released last week showed that opposition to same-sex marriage had dropped across the country in the past two years. But it also showed that just over half of Americans still oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry.
In other words, the Reasonable have spoken, but the Fools won't stop laughing. And how Foolish we Fools must be, for we insist that marriage is ontologically dependent on the complementarity of man and woman. For some, strange reason, about 10,000 years of civilization has institutionalized marriage with the same prerequisite.

We are not Absolute Individuals encased in flesh that make simple reciprocal contracts with one another for our mutual benefit. We are human persons that answer a call to image God, human society and ourselves. Male and female matter. Our gender, like our body, expresses our personhood on this Earth. We subjugate it to some abstract notion of "self" at our peril.

This isn't about depriving anyone of their "rights." This is about accepting reality. Let the Reasonable sputter and foam across the discourse. I'll keep laughing and believing reality, anyways. Who cares to join me?