Thursday, March 30, 2006

Compassion Pays Off!

Ron Rolling of A Wing And A Prayer offers "An Accounting":
Well, as of this posting, 41 people have donated (and someone asked me via my personal e-mail for my postal address to send a check). The net amount takes care of rent for March and April as well as the court costs mentioned in the summons, plus a very good start to May (or perhaps some luxuries like food and utilities).
Meanwhile, the word keeps getting out! John Bowden of Adjutorium Nostrum carries the message. And Fugger Nutter spreads the word, too. In fact, Catholic Blogs is keeping score!

Pro Ecclesia and also weigh in.

Thanks to everyone that helped out. We Fools have helped keep a fellow Fool's roof over his head!

Update: L. has spread the word out west!

Update II: How can I forget the illustrious witness of Regular Guy Paul?

Update III: Tony Miller delivers!