Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Friday News!

Man, I have to check my email more often!

Browsing around, I found Julie D.'s Bulletin Board:
I wanted to introduce all of you to what is the most solemn gesture of Communion and Liberation in cities across the world, that is, The Way of the Cross. Since its earliest days CL has taken particular care to mark Good Friday by organizing a beautiful, public Via Crucis in the cities were people of the Movement live. We do the Way of the Cross on the streets of major cities to say that the truth of Christ's death and resurrection is not a private matter of conscience; rather, it is the definitive event of history. The public gesture is a missionary gesture and we invite friends and families to join us in marking the day. The Way of the Cross proceeds in silence with several stations along the route where readings (mostly from Peguy and Fr. Giussani) and songs are used to help us to meditate on the meaning of Our Lord's crucifixion and death.
Then, I check my email. Look what's been waiting for me since last week: An email from my friend Riro, announcing the same event! NYC is one of the cities that hosts the Way every year.

Well, better late than ever. Spread the word!