Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Amazing Analogy!

Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol raises an amazing point!

Take a look:
. . . suppose you could French kiss your beloved boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse without exchanging spit?

No, seriously. Suppose exchanging spit greatly increased one's fertility at certain times of the month and was hence something to be avoided at all costs by those wishing to be childless.

You could take a pill that would dry up your saliva glands and prevent your own mouth from absorbing your partner's saliva.

To preserve that nice gushy feeling, you could swish some prefabricated spit substitute, just like the real thing, . . .
Honestly, now: how amazing is she?

And how right she is!

Of course, Reasonable people understand how Foolish this sort of thinking is! How could anyone possibly take it seriously? Next thing you know, she'll be condemning recreational sex! How neanderthal!

Well, thank God Dawn Eden is one incredible Fool! Congratulate her, by the way; She crosses the Tiber this Easter!