Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Crucifixion, originally uploaded by mosaiclife.

Many have written far better than I on the significance of today.

Moneybags reminds us to liturgically celebrate our Lord's passion.

Ron Rolling concludes his meditations on Christ's seven last words.

Adjutorium Nostrum offers a reassuring insight on Christ's cry to his Father from the cross.

Clairity presents an original poem exploring her experience of Good Friday.

Julie D. has some must-sees, of course.

The Anchoress already anticipates Easter.

The Cafeteria is Closed posts some amazing pics. I'm shamelessly stealing this one:

There are so many more throughout St. Blog's, and in the Catholic Blogosphere beyond. I will leave you, however, with this inspiration from Mark Mossa, S.J., who's a credit to the Jesuits:
What I see in the attempt by many theologians to deal with the cross is an attempt to reason it out, to make sense of it. And, as my response to him implies, I believe that there is no way that we can wholly account for the mystery of the cross in a rational way. There is something fundamentally irrational about it. It’s an attempt to control something that can’t be controlled. It’s a way to avoid facing the reality that our lives are not about control, our lives are not our own, that if we choose the way of independence and control we will never find the happiness we desire. The cross points us to that fundamental paradox that the only way to truly live our life is to lose it, that being out of control and in touch with the ways in which we are and always will be dependent on others and, when we can’t even depend on others, utterly dependent on God is the only way we can truly be free. Jesus’ cross transforms a tool of oppression into a witness to true freedom. That doesn’t make oppression and suffering OK, that doesn’t make God into the ultimate child abuser, it shows us that Jesus was willing to make the choices required of him to be truly and fully human and in doing so, in some equally irrational way, his divinity was revealed.