Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Real World Trumps Virtual

Catholic World News : Technology cannot replace personal contact, Pope tells student group

The details:
The Holy Father spoke to participants in the annual "Univ" conference, sponsored by the Opus Dei prelature. This year's conference has its focus on modern communications, and the Pope told the 5,000 participants-- representing more than 200 universities from 32 different countries-- that technology can never replace "friendship and contacts with others, especially your own peers."

Evangelization is a necessity part of Christianity, the Pope continued, strongly endorsing "the apostolate of friends that St. Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei, describes as 'a personal friendship, self-sacrificing and sincere: face to face, heart to heart.'"
This is a message many of us bloggers should take to heart. The technology to communicate does not, in fact, guarantee communication. And as many of us know, the combox can sometimes obfuscate, not enable, honest communication.

Share those emails that do further honest heart-to-hearts. Best of all, Let's all unplug and interact with the most important people in our lives as often as possible. We'll be glad we did. So will they!