Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Reasonable Decide Who Lives and Dies!

Catholic Insight on "Bioethics : Eugenics and population control in Canada":
"Another event of historical significance was the so-called “Belmont Report.” This was produced in 1978 by a Commission of the U.S. Congress in response to a public outcry about grossly immoral medical research in which patients had been mistreated. This report created modern secular “bioethics,” a theory in which clinical problems were supposed to be solved in terms of justice (fairness), patient autonomy (privacy), and beneficence. The problem then as now is that these terms were not related in any way to Divine or natural law, but only to the current law of the land, which could and does change over time and is subject to often bizarre Court interpretation. There is no room in secular bioethics for objective moral truth and no absolute moral rights for the individual. Ethical norms are now entirely relativist, and are a function of what is currently deemed “politically correct.” Political correctness in turn is a function of a so-called “consensus” of stakeholders manipulated by those who hold the reins of power.

Bill C 407 and PGD, as I will show, are a paradigm of the theory of secular bioethics.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Bill C-407, referred to previously, is a bad piece of legislation. It would permit euthanasia and assisted suicide for anyone who is suffering from chronic physical or mental pain and who “appears to be lucid,” even if they have refused to try effective treatments. It would allow one person to kill another, if that person asks to die. It threatens the old and infirm, the handicapped, and all who are unable to look after themselves.

As a result of widespread abortion and contraception, the ratio of young to old in the Canadian population is greatly reduced. There are now not enough workers to pay, through their taxes, for the old who are retired. Already, some patients are being hurried towards their death by “terminal sedation” and the withdrawal of nutrition and hydration.

Societal pressure is also growing to allow and even to demand euthanasia when treatment is categorized as “futile” or a patient is cognitively impaired.

Prenatal Diagnosis
PGD is the latest in a long series of diagnostic methods designed to provide genetic, anatomical, and physiological information about the preborn child. On occasion, these methods enable a physician to provide better prenatal care, such as fetal surgery, e.g., for diaphragmatic hernia, tumour, or spina bifida. They may also facilitate the optimal timing and method of delivery and allow adequate preparation for care of an ill newborn at delivery. Unfortunately, if a fetal abnormality if found, couples most often use that finding as an excuse for induced abortion.2

Modalities employed in the prenatal diagnosis of disease include the following:
� Sampling of maternal serum for a decreased level of alpha fetoprotein, a test available since the mid-1980s. A decreased level indicates an increased risk of Down Syndrome.
� Chorionic villus sampling, to detect genetic abnormalities in the embryo or fetus in the first trimester.
� Ultrasound diagnosis of Down Syndrome, cardiac defect, diaphragm or kidney abnormalities, etc.
� The most recent diagnostic method is PGD. This is used where a couple fears passing on an incurable genetic disease to a child. The couple’s blood is tested for genetic disease-causing mutations. The woman is given drugs to produce many ova. Many embryos are created by in vitro fertilization. After three days a cell is taken from an embryo at the eight- cell stage, and is analyzed. Typically, three normal embryos are implanted in the uterus. The others are destroyed. Currently embryos can be checked for up to thirty diseases.

PGD is not morally acceptable for the following reasons: It involves in vitro fertilization which is, in itself, morally unacceptable. Ten percent of embryos are misdiagnosed.3 It involves the death of any abnormal embryo found and of all remaining embryos whether normal or not. It could lead to further destruction of embryos for many other reasons such as the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Would acceptance of this procedure not lead ultimately to acceptance of eugenic engineering of “designer babies,” chosen for gender, or for such characteristics as beauty, intelligence, or physique?"
The Reasonable have spoken!

Only our Enlightened power have the special knowledge required to determine who lives and who dies. Only they can determine who, exactly, is entitled to exercise their right to Absolute Individualism. Thus, unborn children and the sick/elderly that have outlived their usefulness to the Collective must die "for the sake of the nation." Or rather, for the sake of others' pursuit of the One Thing that Matters!

God's compassion offers us a far greater vision of ourselves and society. Each and every one of us bear his image and likeness; together we manifest that image before an enshadowed world. Thus, we all possess the dignity that no one rightfully may deny us! Our personhood is the basis for the rights that we enjoy--beginning with our right to life!

We are called into being by our God not to live exclusively for ourselves. He calls us to live in communion with him and with each other. Just as every organ and system within the human body, unique as each of them are in themselves, participates with each other for the betterment of the body; so do we all participate in society. We must live the tension between subsidiarity and solidarity in order to live this vision of society.

Our Reasonable Masters have no firm basis in which to commit to the true benefit of society. The winds of political expediency will prevail over their fallen-world-infected philosophy. They will continually see their noblest intentions crushed by the law of unintended consequences.

Laugh, Fools! Laugh, and let the saving laughter of our Savior echo in all of our hearts! The usurpers of the Lord's perogative can rend their garments as our laughter obliterates their ridiculous presumption.

Help them to humility, Fools! Laugh!