Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred on "Eurabia, America, Empire And Mark Twain's 'Machine'"

The willing and unwitting Agents of the Enemy march. Their campaign leaves countless lives in waste. The first casualty of their maurauding is the understanding of who, and what, the human person is.

Islamofascism, the political and totalitarian expression of Radical Islam, is just such an Agent on the March

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred diagnose this ideology's insidious manipulation:
Who's Islam is it, any way?

Every nation has a soul- or lacks one. During the American Gilded Age, John D Rockefeller monopolized the oil business and steamrollered every one of his competitors as if their very existance was an afront and as if they had no right to exist. Rockefeller's corporate plunder remains an iconic example of corruption.

In What is Man, Mark Twain (the old man) engages in a dialogue with a young thinker. "The human being is merely a machine and nothing more." He makes those remarks in answer as to why people follow along and never question, never stray.

Radical Islam is a machine. No rational, thinking person could accept those ideologies and no thinking person could come to any other conclusion. Islamofascism propogates the same ignorance of the human person that totalitarian secular messiahanic movements of the twentieth century did. It distorts the image of the human person through denial and collectivization. Instead of become a cog in the machine of the state or the glorious workers' revolution, however, Islamofascism sees all persons as one of two things: believers or non-believers. Either one submits to Allah or one accepts a life of dhimmitude. Neither affords respect for the individual, let alone the human person. All muslims, according to the islamofascist ideology, become one nation in submission to Allah. They serve under the dominion of a political and religious ruler, the new Caliph, who will order all the world as Allah wishes. The Dhmittude, likewise, become one affiliation of those that submit to their superiors, Muslims.

Islamofascism does not recognize the dignity of the human person. There is no metaphysical drama between a person and God, whereby the person struggles between the pole of who he is and who he's called to become. There's no individual response to the loving invitation of God through Grace. There's no participation in the life of God through communion with him in the Mystical Body of Christ. There's only submission of one's individual will to the greater glory of God, and forever after membership in the Caliphate.

The denial of our personhood is the denial of our freedom to become who we're called to be. Thus, our life in this denial is a life of slavery to illusion. The islamofascists, like their totalitarian forebearers, would have all of humanity enslaved in this illusion that they insist is the will of God. And they will not surrender this worldview no matter how appealing the lifestyle of the west may be.

Only an authentic response of a person to God's grace allows a person to live in Faith. Only the Gospel can answer the insipid lies of Islamofascism. Only Disciples can challenge the Agents of willing or Unwitting of the Enemy.