Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Worthy Endeavor

Jill Savitt, Director of Campaigns for Human Rights First, writes:
An old woman in Darfur, Sudan, described it as "the end of the universe."

In a country where, on any given morning, horsemen with guns might attack your village - killing the men, burning homes, looting and raping - the people of Darfur are running short on hope.

Every day we wait, more lives are at risk. The time for intervention is now.

Please show your support by giving to Human Rights First. We are committed to securing a long-term solution to the crisis. Our H.O.P.E. for Darfur campaign calls for the U.N. to appoint a prominent peace envoy to renew the stalled peace process. We have mobilized tens of thousands of supporters to join this call. We delivered our message in person to President Bush and other high-level officials.

Even though we are taking many steps to bring peace to Darfur, we must ramp up our efforts.

We can't do this without you. Please click here NOW to make a secure tax-deductible donation online. Whatever you can afford will go a long way.

Backed by your support, we can help turn things around in Darfur - and set the stage for peace. A high-profile international figure can make sure there is the political will to stop the slaughter.

The situation has only gotten worse in recent months, especially for women and children. The conflict is spreading and the violence increasing.

I hope you are asking yourself: What is to be done?

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Donations from caring people like you make our vital work possible.

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