Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Medley of Rich Links...

...including to one of mine!

Obi’s Sister: Relativity, or The Lack Thereof delivers!

I found the link from Gateway Pundit interesting. He makes a great point:

Still, living in real time, not the early eighties, the pinch at the pump hurts!

And 10% of %10,000,000,000 is still $1,000,000,000!

I don't begrudge investors reaping dividends; many pension funds compose the majority shareholders of many companies. I do have a problem with the Government's lack-luster response. Calls for investigations into price-gouging aside, the Government could help American families with a generous gasoline tax credit. Meanwhile, we'll all do what Reasonable Gaia worshippers have wanted all along: we'll conserve by driving less.

Except we commuters: We'll just get hosed!

justgrits has more. Check 'em out!