Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Epiphany!

There are Epiphanies:

And then there are Epiphanies.

The Reasonable foamed at the mouth:
A portrait of the Savior hung in a school!
A Fool laughed.

The Foolable slobbered his shirt:
"'One-issue' Christian voters deny social justice!"
A Fool laughed.

Week after week,
tortured debate in the pew:
Was he free? Was it so bad?

He needed the help, didn't he?

Up he rose,
wife by his side
on his way to the altar

Did this Fool laugh then?

An accidental hypocrite,
the most insidious fall to Foolability
for journeyman or saintly Fools alike.

The Log in our eye,
we proudly keep to better see
the splinters in theirs.

A time alone,
Truth burns the wood away:
He faces what he's done.

He accepts, stands aside
kneels as Fools pass him by
on their way to the altar.

Yes, there are epiphanies.

Thank God!

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