Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Divorce in "Paradise"

The way some wax poetic about "Gay marriage", a Fool might expect that they have discovered heaven-on-Earth. If he didn't know better.

For human nature takes it's toll. The Lede observes the collision between ideology and reality, already in progress:

Just in time for the holidays! A preliminary hearing has been set for Dec. 5 in the case of a lesbian couple in Rhode Island who have filed for a divorce. Thing is, in Rhode Island, like most states, the laws don’t really recognize gay marriage, much less gay divorce.

The couple was married in Massachusetts, which became the only state to legalize gay marriage in 2004.

Divorce papers were filed on Oct. 23, and according to the Associated Press, state officials are uncertain how to proceed:

Rhode Island Family Court Chief Judge Jeremiah Jeremiah Jr. has yet to decide whether his court has jurisdiction and said he believes it is the first filing for a same-sex divorce in the state.

Divorce is always a defeat. In this case, legality complicates the tragedy. These women--presumably unhappy with one another--find themselves bound by the decision they made in MA.

Law can't define reality. A couple's desire--even for a divorce--won't dictate terms to the people of a state. The more our Reasonable overlords insist otherwise, the more complicated problems we'll all continue to encounter.

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