Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Virtue of Silence

The short answer is I've needed the silence.

The long one involves the long struggle with the deep shadows of modern urban education systems. Not to mention several head-to-heads with the Bard!

I needed to be silent.

We all do.

There's a lot of noise out there. Far too many people want our attention. Few of them want it for our good. We can lose ourselves in the cacaphony. We can forget what's important. Even worse, we can forget who is important.

When I rest in the silence, I can look at who I truly am with gut-wrenching honesty. I can see when I've failed to serve. I can see when I've succeeded. I sit in prayer, and I listen to what the Lord has to say, rather than my everlasting opinion of what he ought to say.

I've needed this time. Never mind the labor of love I currently have engaged: I had begun to get caught up in the noise. I could bleat on about the latest turn of our society toward the dark, or the latest political quibble or even significant geo-political event. I still missed the message. I didn't serve the truth--not the way I knew I had once done.

I needed to be silent.

I may still need to. Nevertheless, today I spoke. Here I am, for better or worst.

On a personal note, the Blushing Bride and I have begun work on a non-fiction book! Yes, I can write two books at the same time. No, don't ask what that will mean for blogging! ;)

When we have some sample worth sharing, I'll give you a taste. Until then, soak in the substance of our tentative title: "Great Wedding, Invite Me to the Marriage."

Expect me when you see me!