Saturday, April 30, 2005

Global Catholic News - The Risks of Relativism

Pope Benedict XVI insight on The Risks of Relativism

Perhaps it is an irony you noticed as well: The more committed one appears to become to relativism, the more that person becomes an absolutist about. The "truth is what you make of it" crowd that finds expression in the Media on both sides of the Atlantic have an attitude towards the "ultraconservative", "God's Rotweiller", "reactionary", "Enforcer", "Panzer Pope" Benedict XVI that can only be described as anathemaic. Weren't anethemas uttered at the council of Trent by that absolutist institution known as the Roman Catholic Church? Gasp!

Who says the Holy Spirit is without a sense of humor.

Indeed, the power of the reasonable to so quickly contradict themselves through the labyrinth of their complex oversimplifications has not failed to be a source of hilarious entertainment. When the bodies aren't adding up, that is.

Unfortunately, they do. Millions of innocents die, many in the womb, others in third world villages trapped in failed, corrupt socialist states. Genocide has once again made the world lie about "never again", this time in the dafur region. Again. the innocent die. Millions more suffer needlessly as a crass culture collides with a growing global market economy that respects only what the consumer will pay. Whether or not a culture is ready for it or not.

The relativists, particularly in the developed West, argue the superiority of their philosophical and moral worldview while the less fortunate around them and beyond them plead for action. The only action they seem to agree upon is worship of a State that will subsize all their needs, if only the US would capitulate all its wealth and Christians surrender their abhorrant and distatesful insistence on some absolute Truth out there. They pontificate literally on the backs of the miserable.

No wonder they are so absolutist about absolutists. They might have to take responsibility for a truth they haven't constructed. As in the Truth that they've stubornly set out not to see.