Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mark Shea the wise

An excellent round of observations

He and Tom make important observations about our proper reception of Benedict XVI.

Perhaps one of the easiest parables of the Gospels to forget is the one that tells of the Wheat and the Chaffe. Too often we want to second-guess the Master of the field and pull out the weeds before harvest. I have sometimes found myself in this position, especially when those Reasonable Catholics are all over the media and preaching distortion as doctrine.

However, I'm not the one entrusted with loosening and binding sins. I'm not the one empowered to decide who rides this Baroque and who swims. That honor belongs to Peter's successor, and to his brother Bishops in union with him. Do I surely wish some of them would grow some "episcopal spines"? Of course! And I can call for that here and elsewhere. What I can't do is enforce my concept of Spine on any of the Faithful. I can only present my foolishness before the Reasonable and receive the same welcome they gave my Lord and Savior (to whatever extend God allows).

I am delighted that Cardinal Ratzinger has been elevated to the Papacy. I believe he will continue to guide the Church along the path John Paul the Great blazed, a path that we truly need to walk. I'm confident that he will foster the unity and spirit of evangelization that we all need to catch in order to bring Christ to this Reasonable world. Perhaps he may ratchet up some discipline within as part of this phase of our mission. I do not need Pope Wyatt Earp, because this world isn't the OK Corral. I'm happy to Have Benedict XVI instead.

Hat tip to Mark Shea, Amy Welborn, and Mere Comments