Sunday, April 10, 2005

Roundup of Pope John Paul the Great coverage

Against the grain
Amy Welborn
Catholics in the Public Square
Catholic Exchange
Mark Shea

I will blog more on my impression of John Paul the Great (as if that alone doesn't give it away, right?) later. For now, I agree with George Weigel, Papal biographer and orthodox theologian extraordinaire: I understand him best when I understand him from the inside. That means I understand him best when I understand him as he understood himself. I also agree with Mr. Weigel that John Paul the Great understood himself best as a disciple. As Cardinal Ratzinger said in his homily during the late Pope's funeral mass, John Paul truly acted on Christ's command to Peter, and through him, to us all: Follow Me! John Paul did just that. May we all continue to do the same!