Saturday, July 30, 2005

An Encouraging Sign from British Muslims

BBC NEWS | UK | reports that "Muslims urged to combat fanatics". Is the silent majority of muslims at last beginning to stir? Maybe:
Muslims have been urged to turn away from the "harbingers of hate" following the terror attacks on London.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK has called for a "grass roots revolution" in mosques to combat violent fanatics.

Group leaders expect 30,000 people to attend its annual convention in Aldershot, Hampshire, over the weekend, and want members to focus on peace.

The meeting is among a series of events being held across the country by Muslim organisations to debate terrorism.

'Root out fanaticism'

Rafiq Hayat, the association's national president, called on members to honour the "true meaning of Islam - peace, tolerance, respect and service to humanity".

He said: "It's time for all Muslims to say enough is enough. We wish to practise Islam as exemplified by our founder Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

"The word Islam means peace but we have to live by it in order to grow.

"We call for a grass roots revolution in mosques across the UK where ordinary people wish to make a future in the UK, for the sake of themselves and their children and for the sake of humanity, turn away from the harbingers of hate and root out fanaticism."

A group spokesman urged anyone who may be able to help police trace terrorist cells to follow "common sense" and tell what they know.

Elsewhere, thousands of families are attending the ongoing Living Islam festival in Lincolnshire.
This could be a good sign. If this organization influences many Muslims that still sit on the sidelines, they may begin to isolate the fanatics within their midst. Without the relative anonymity of the Muslim community to cover them, these islamo-fascists will lose the precious ability to remain undiscovered. If Muslims begin to report on the activities of the terrorists, then they will have few places to hide and little opportunity to murder.

Fools would do well to pray for the success of this organization's call to action. The last thing the world can afford is for one billion Muslims to become radicalized. A war of civilizations will only generate a world without civilization. While we can and must wage unrelenting war against islamo-fascists and "violent extremists", we can't afford to allow that to become a war against a billion! How can Western Civilization hope to win such a global conflaguration without the use of nuclear weapons? Are we prepared to destroy the innocent? How, then, can we claim to wage a just defense? We can't. Therefore, the Enemy will have won a great victory. Fools must not let that happen.