Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Eric Reeves discusses Dafur at The New Republic

Get his three expositions here. He explains in chilling and accurate detail the heartbreaking reality of the 21st century's first genocide. The situation gets only worse:
DARFUR'S FUTURE: There is no sign that normal agricultural production will resume any time in the near future. There is no sign that the insecurity confining people to camps for the displaced or villages under siege will be alleviated, even with the currently planned deployment of additional African Union personnel. There is no sign that the international community intends to fund humanitarian efforts in Darfur at an appropriate level. There is no sign that Khartoum's National Islamic Front, and the new government it dominates, has changed its genocidal ambitions, now best served by preserving the deadly status quo. There is no sign that peace negotiations in Abuja, Nigeria will yield more than the vaguely worded "declaration of principles" signed two weeks ago. And there is no sign of the international humanitarian intervention that might stop the genocide.

There are only signs that the dying will continue indefinitely.
He explores the origins of the genocide, the motivations of the perpertrators--the National Islamic Front leadership in Khartoum, and the devastating results thus far. Be sure to read the entire series.

I can only ask one question after I finished reading: Why? Why have the powers of the world not risen up in one voice and taken the action necessary to stop this? Why, over sixty years to the day that Germany fell to the Allies, has the world once again failed to honor the pledge made by the survivors of the holecaust: "Never Again"? Why has The UN, whose signatories, by statute, must intervene to prevent genocide, failed to formally declare the slaughter of innocents in Dafur genocide? Why has NATO stayed out, while only an inadequite contingent from the newly formed African Union has attempted peacekeeping? Why have we of the West allowed another Rawanda to occur in Africa in a little over ten years?

I doubt I'll like the answer. I can almost hear the ka-chings! now.

Hat Tip to the Coalition for Dafur.