Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Catholic on Small Minded Thinking

The short version: She doesn't like it. "homosexuality is so often protrayed as a mission statement rather than an element of a person's character." The long version:
In fact, that is what I dislike about much of modern communication about anything that is a social cause whether focused on homosexuals, women, racial issues, or whatever. Individuals get all lumped together and shoved in our faces to prove some writer's point about the glories of the cause. Such was the case with the feature article in The Arts section on Sunday in The Dallas Morning News. Hard to miss with the catchy headline, "Gay Composers Penned America's Signature Music," the main theme was obvious from the beginning. Thank goodness for the gay composers, we were told, because the straight ones just weren't cutting it for national music, being so unemotional and masculine as they were (yes, that actually is what it said).
If I read her right, she's tired of the cause celeb' being considered the defining idea in media and film without regard to its specific relationship to the subject. These pieces become holier-than-though soapboxes rather than art with integrity.

I agree with her. When will these MSM specialists finally learn to put the story ahead of ideology promotion? Do they think they will bore us into buying their pet theory? Ah, but of course, I blaspheme! I have forgotten about the One Thing That Matters! Shame on me! How Unreasonable!