Monday, July 25, 2005

I Love It When The Reasonable Whine!

Consider this fine screed by the People For the American Way. Note that they title it, "- Right Wing Religious McCarthyites and John Roberts". Before everybody has read a word, they already know that whoever The People for The American Way disagrees with are "Right Wing Religious McCarhyites". That's to cover their foaming-at-the-mouth:
Building on their two-year old campaign to smear those who might oppose Roberts as anti-Catholic bigots, the Committee for Justice has dusted off its “Catholics Need Not Apply” rhetoric. Talking points posted on its CFJ’s website advocate defending Roberts for the role he played in two abortion-related cases while serving in the Solicitor General’s office by suggesting that:

“[C]ritics who attack Roberts' unstated views on abortion are simply attempting to impose a religious litmus test on nominees, i.e., practicing religious [sic] (especially Christians) need not apply. The memo continues, “This is the same scurrilous attack on several of the President's lower court nominees, such as Bill Pryor, and has no place in modern politics.”

A set of nearly identical talking points reportedly authored by Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee – typos and all – has now surfaced on the web. It is disappointing, if entirely predictable, that some far-right groups would attempt to misuse religion in this manner. But if these “anti-Christian” talking points are being promoted by Senate Republicans, it is an outrageous and unacceptable attempt to intimidate and dissuade Senate Democrats from asking the tough questions that the American people need answered so they can understand the judicial philosophy of this or any other nominee.
No. It's a reminder by the Republicans to the pro-abort fanatic Democrats on the Judiciary Committee that Litmus tests are not allowed. It wasn't a Republican that objected to a nominee on account of his "deeply held beliefs". That honor belonged to Senators Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Dick Durban and other Democrats . To whom was he referring? Why, faithful Catholic William Pryor! So, if a faithful catholic can be refused a seat on a Federal Court because he holds "deeply held beliefs", is one insane to assume that he's being refused for any other reason then his Faith? Of course not. And The People for the American Way know it. They and their Reasonable allies can't openly say it, but they will never accept a faithful Catholic on the Federal Courts or SCOTUS. They fear that such Catholic Fools would take away their sacrament to Moloch. That would be the one that allows them to worship the Great-I-am through the sacred rights of the One Thing That Matters. Roe v. Wade must stand for all time, the Reasonable chant. The People continue to babble:
The use of this bullying tactic in the process used to consider judicial nominees as the Senate performs its advice and consent function first surfaced in 2003 when accusations of anti-Catholicism were, for the first time, openly leveled in Senate chambers.

In June of that year, during a hearing on the nomination of William Pryor to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch (UT) inexplicably asked Pryor about his religious affiliation, to which Pryor responded that he is a Roman Catholic. Democratic Senator Pat Leahy (VT) angrily objected to Hatch’s question, but Hatch tried to spin the issue by responding that “General Pryor’s religious beliefs have been put squarely at issue, and if not directly, indirectly.” When Leahy said that asking about a nominee’s religious beliefs would set a “terrible precedent,” Hatch responded, “Then let’s get the outside groups to stop doing that,” even though none had done so. Indeed, it was Hatch who raised Pryor’s religion -- during his opening statement, before a single Senator had even had the opportunity to ask a question of the nominee.
What a fantastic piece of dissembling. Now it's the Republican's fault that Pryor's Catholicism became an issue in his confirmation! Wow, I'm so glad these Reasonable people cleared that up for me! And hear I thought that "Deeply Held beliefs" meant any religious viewpoint that considers abortion immoral, especially Roman Catholicism. I'm so relieved that it is the party that has been more Prolife that actually has a problem with candidates that hold prolife positions! Thanks for setting me straight!

I'm laughing out of my seat! The sputtering vitriole of the People for the American Way betrays just how insanely out-of-touch they've become. I love it! They don't have a prayer of legitimately derailing Judge Roberts' nomination. Even while the Democrats position themselves to lose national standing in a pointless and futile filibuster attempt, Conservatives and Republican's pull away their curtain. The Reasonable will have no cover for their institutional prejudice this time. The People For the American Way can't stand that. They know they can't win unless they can cover this prejudice.

How I love to hear them whine. Such music to my ears will leave me laughing for a long time!