Thursday, July 28, 2005

Media Matters Moans

See, Dick Durban's not the only self-hating Catholic, according to Media Matters for America. They want everyone to know that Republicans are in the act, too. Consider their objection:
The New York Times, Fox News, CNN, and The Washington Times have reported allegations that Democratic Sen. Richard J. Durbin (IL) asked Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. a question about his Catholic faith, with a New York Sun editorial accusing Durbin of "slander." But they ignored a similar question posed to Roberts by Republican Sen. Tom Coburn (OK). Coburn and Durbin questioned Roberts at separate meetings on July 22.

In a July 25 Los Angeles Times op-ed, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley reported that Durbin asked Roberts "what he would do if the law required a ruling that his church considers immoral." Since the publication of Turley's op-ed, The New York Times, The Washington Times, Fox News, and CNN all quoted or featured conservatives criticizing Durbin. In a July 27 editorial, The New York Sun accused Durbin of invoking a "religious test," writing, "Interrogating a nominee in respect of his religious beliefs is not only grossly inappropriate. It's unconstitutional." The five media outlets reporting Turley's allegations also noted that Durbin or his office have described Turley's account as inaccurate.

They did not, however, report that on the same day, Coburn asked Roberts how his faith influences his work. On July 23, the Associated Press reported that Coburn and Roberts "discussed issues ranging from Roberts' faith and his relationship with his wife to how he might change as a member of the country's highest court," adding that Coburn "said Roberts declined to answer a question about how his Catholic faith influences his life and work." The Daily Oklahoman also noted (registration required) Coburn's question, but a Nexis search* turned up no other news outlets that reported the exchange.
Ah, the power of Non-Sequitors. Does it follow that, because a Catholic Republican Senator asks Judge Roberts about the influence of their mutual Faith on his decisions, Democrats such as Durbin do not propose a litmus test? Of course not. Media Matters for America must know it, too. No, their Reasonable and delusional project is to liberate media from the vast, right-wing conspiracy. Therefore, any Non-Sequitors such as the one cited that may help the good cause will be employed with extreme prejudice.

MSM highlights the upcoming struggle between the party in power and the alleged "loyal opposition". Bantering by party-in-power mavericks, while eye-brow raising, are not the story. President Bush nominates a Catholic conservative to the Bench. Democrats have opposed said President's Catholic conservative nominations to the Federal Judiciary before. What will the Dems do now? That's the story. MMoA should look elsewhere for bias. Such as MSM's entrenched, Reasonable bias towards all things politically left of center.

But, of course, they won't. That would be Foolish.