Sunday, July 03, 2005

Moral Embryonic Stem-cell Research

Possibly. Mr. Tips of The Everlasting Man has this story.

Here's the revelent revolution:

A new experimental technique that could produce embryo-like stem cells — without killing human embryos in the process — has the support of 35 medical experts and ethicists, about half of them Catholic or related to Catholic organizations.

The experts issued a statement recently, explaining that the technique would not conflict with the moral teachings of the Catholic Church on embyronic stem-cell research. That’s because, according to this technique, the genetic material injected into an egg would be modified to produce a pluripotent stem cell instead of an embryo.

According to the experts, the cell would be “incapable of being or becoming an embryo.”

"This new proposal addresses the Catholic Church's fundamental moral objection to embryonic stem-cell research as now practiced, by offering to create cells with the properties of embryonic stem cells without ever producing or harming a human embryo," Richard Doerflinger, deputy director of theUSCCB Secretariat for Pro-life Secretariat, told Catholic News Service.

This could be the breakthrough that allows morally legitimate embryonic stem-cell research to proceed. Between this and the latest developments in Adult stem-cell research, incredible treatments for a wide variety of illnesses may be in store--all without taking human life! The ethical erosion that pro-abortion forces currently support regarding typical ESCR would stop in a heartbeat. President Bush could even consider federal funding for this type of research, give his current stand on the issue. If the advocates of ethical research get a fair hearing. Notice the crickets at the MSM outlets regarding this breakthrough? Hmmmm. Reasonable Business as usual: protect the Sacrament of Abortion to the Great-I-Am enabling God, Moloch. Fortunately, Fools have the internet! Shout loud and laugh proud! If Foolish bloggers make enough noise, MSM will have to cover it in order to avoid being scooped! The only motivation more powerful than protecting the One Thing that Matters is the (ka-ching!) that makes it all possible.

Stem Cell Activist, call your office!