Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Move along. Nothing to see here!" cry the Reasonable

After all, they can't have people believe that religious fools--especially those pesky Christians--are about anything other than theocracy and preventing the One Thing That Matters. It's all about the pelvis, and they're on the wrond side of it. Christian Today begs to differ. Observe:
Private religious institutions contribute for up to 40% of health care in poor countries, according to the first systematic study of faith-based organisations and HIV/AIDS.

Speaking at a discussion on "Faith in Action" organised by the Geneva-based Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance in Geneva on 29 June, Dr Rabia Mathai told the United Nations and numerous non-governmental organisations that faith-based organisations, or FBOS, are "true partners" in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

Dr Mathai is senior vice-president of Global Program Policy, part of the US-based Catholic Medical Mission Board.

The study is a response to the hitherto limited research into FBOs according to Dr Mathai commenting: "The global community is urgently seeking to identify all relevant partners. But the evidence-based body of knowledge on the role of FBOs in addressing HIV and AIDS has been limited."
This article must really annoy the Reasonable. It has particularly good things to say about Catholics:
Dr Mathai highlighted the impressive contribution of the Roman Catholic Church in India, which accounts for 26% of the country’s healthcare infrastructure, despite its members making up only 2% or about 20 million of the one billion people living in India.

Out of the 5000 Catholic healthcare facilities in India, 750 are hospitals and more than 4000 are dispensaries and primary health centres, which account for more than 85% of the rural infrastructure. The church runs 114 nursing schools, 6 medical schools, and has 600 sisters working as doctors in 47 dioceses.
You mean the Church isn't just about oppressing women and abusing boys? Perish the thought! For the Reasonable, it gets worse. Consider this observation on the help Christians have given Africans that suffer from HIV/AIDs:
Asunta Wagura, who has been HIV positive for 16 years, currently runs the Kenya Network of Women Living with AIDS (KENWA). She praised the work of the faith-based organisations and the difference it makes to millions of HIV/AIDS sufferers around the world: "Although living with HIV is a calamity it also taught me life is a gift. We just want to be who we were, so we do not have to walk with our faces down. Faith-based organisations can give us hope."
NO, this won't do at all. This isn't part of the script! The Catholic Church spreads AIDS because they won't loosen up on Condemns! The Pope should face genocide charges at the Hague! All this religious Foolishness isn't helpful. Be Reasonable. Be REASONABLE!

Meanwhile, we Fools laugh until we cry. Catholics aren't the only faith-based organization doing great work in Africa. Religious Fools abound. Every act of compassion they commit punches another hole in their business-as-usual. This has to drive them crazy!

Somebody pass the popcorn!