Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nehring The Edge loves THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (2004)

This is a man with integrity. Nobody questions this man's intellectual honesty on my watch! No one better try!Not after this. But let me allow the witness to speak:
As a political conservative, (and a Christian one at that) I am used to compartmentalizing art. Conservatives develop keen abilities to separate the message from the work. It’s something we have to do in order not to go crazy each time we head into the multiplex.
From the bottom up, this is a masterwork. Trust me, given the whitewash it does with Che, I’d love to say otherwise. I have to be honest, this may be the best film made since Passion of The Christ. I came to this movie knowing that it was a political love-fest for Commies and I still loved it.
I saw a preview for The Motorcyle Diaries in the theater. As soon as I heard it was a biopic of Che Guevara, I tuned it out. Nothing good can come out of hollywood glorifying a communist, I said to myself.

Well, Nehring not only demonstrates his integrity, he shows he knows a little something about selling. I might actually see this film. If a self-professed Conservative Christian can compare a whitewash about a murderous communist like Guevara favorably with The Passion of the Christ, then I should give it a shot. It doesn't mean that I will, but I'm now thinking about it.