Thursday, July 28, 2005

Smart, Sudan, Real Smart!

The U.S. Secretary of State comes to Sudan. The Sudanese President's security detail man-handles her entourage. The Secretary speaks to refugees. Reuters AlertNet reports that Darfur camp residents face arrest and intimidation from Sudanese Security. Do I detect a whiff of contempt? Or is the leadership in Khartoum just this incompetant? Behold the stupidity:
Sudanese security threatened refugees in Darfur with arrest and beatings to find out what they told Condoleezza Rice when she visited their camp, U.N. sources told Reuters on Thursday.

The U.S. secretary of state spoke to a number of people in Abo Shouk camp near the town of al-Fasher during her visit last week. She told reporters Sudan had a "credibility problem" over Darfur and that she wanted to see "actions not words".

"They (Sudanese security officials) have threatened and harassed people after high-profile visits. They want to know what people said ... People were harassed after Rice's visit," a U.N. source in al-Fasher said.

"(They were) threatened with prison and beatings," the source added.
This follows confirmations of the story that Sudanese military forces attacked another Western Darfur village. If people weren't dying, this situation would be utterly laughable. However, this pathetic attempt by the NIF to close the Barnyard door reaks of the same pathetic despotism that has characterized their rule since 1989. Their continued stupidity may just spur more MSM outlets to expand coverage of the genocide. Assuming no more Nancy Halloway stories don't come down the American Media pipeline. Oh, wait; of course they'll be more!