Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From the bulging "Consequences of Bad Formation" File

Take a look at the future, should we not get a handle on Formation. IQNA has the story. Granted, this is IQNA. Still, Amy Welborn addressed a similar phenomena among Latino's--especially among Latino Protestants. So, what's happening? This:
Latinos come to Islam through various routes. Some have dated or married Muslims, others were on a religious search and settled on Islam, and others began studying the religion after the 2001 attacks because they wanted to understand the religion. Many take Muslim first names.

"Roman Catholicism never sat well with me. I always felt we were praying to saints and statues. Now I pray to God," said Missy "Nada" Sandoval, who married a Muslim.

Khalid Rosa said he was reared a Catholic but studied several religions. At one time, he was studying to become an Episcopal priest but decided the church "was too focused on politics and power and not on bringing people to church."

"I like the beliefs in Islam: God, Mohammed, community," Rosa said.

"I like Islam because it's a way of life," said Christina Ennayer. "Muslims believe in ethics in all parts of our lives."
A Catholic believes he or she is praying to saints and statues? Who fell asleep at the switch in their parish? Wake up!

These people failed to grasp the essence of the Faith. Whoever was responsible for their formation did them a grave disservice. And I'm not slamming their parents or families. Local Parishes need to provide the resources and teaching for parents to truly embrace their roles as their child's primary teacher of the Faith. In this case, the parishes appear to be sorely lacking.

We'll lose more members of Christ's body if this shoddy attention to formation continues.