Monday, August 01, 2005

By The Way...

Did I mention that my blushing bride's Brother-in-law is in the hospital as well?

He had an accident at his worksite, a construction site in Ardsley, NY. He had parked a company truck, but the truck began to roll down a hill. He raced into it. While He rushed for the door, a toolbox in the bay of the truck broke lose. It struck his right temple, cutting him open. Drenched in his own blood, he jumped in the cab and applied the breaks.

Nothing happened.

The truck not only rolled but somehow accelerated. He vered it away from one pedestrian and a deli window display. Finally, he managed to spin the truck into the brick wall of a building. The passanger side of his truck crumpled in. Something from that side of the truck slammed into his leg.

EMTs rushed him to Westchester Medical Center. His leg is broken at the tibula posterior, the shin bone just below the knee. Emergancy Room staff put four staples in his head to stop the bleeding. Surgeons plan to operate on his leg once the extreme swelling drops. Meanwhile, he remains at WMC.

This all happened the same day that my Mom went to the hopital for the complications of her chemo. Oy!

Please keep my blushing bride's Brother-in-law in your prayers.