Monday, August 01, 2005

Let's Take Policy and Philosophical Advice from Mary Tyler Moore!

This Reasonable guy did. South Florida Sun-Sentinel has the letter here to prove it! Behold:
I recently caught an interview with a famous actress, Mary Tyler Moore, by Larry King. Something she said rang a bell. The actress suffers from a serious form of diabetes. She said in an appeal to pro-lifers, if you're strongly pro-life, why not get behind stem cell research, since it has already been proved that this research can save lives, or at least improve the lives of those with well-known serious diseases?

I thought this appeal made a lot of sense, particularly to the ultra-religious right who are concerned about saving lives and this research can save lives. They can join with many others and petition the federal government to change their attitude toward stem cell research.
Yeah, that'll work! Ask prolife people to support ESCR (since why would "ultra-religious right" voters oppose the morally legitimate ASCR?) in order to "save lives". Sure, buddy, no problem! Well, one problem, actually. A small one.

Prolifers don't want to kill people to save other people!

That's what ESCR does. Perhaps Mr. Chenven could think for himself for one minute and figure that out. But he won't. What would MTM think?

The sad truth is that many Reasonable people of little brain will consider celebrities as the barers of wisdom on these matters. We Fools can expect to roll our eyes at more ridiculous nonsense such as this in the future.