Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Check Out the Carnival of "Womyn's Ordination"!

Tony Miller collects hilarious and sensible commentary of the most Foolish kind on women's "ordination". Get it here. Then scroll down. You'll enjoy posts like:
Lead off hitter is Jeff Miller from The Curt Jester with this satirical gem, Welcome Aboard the Sea Priestess. Jeff writes:

With either our priestly or episcopal women's ordination packages you have your choice between a "women bishop" or your choice of a male bishop from a schismatic sect such as the Old Catholic Church. Your ordination will be videotaped from our crew documentary cameraman so that you can share the joy of your ordination with friends and others over and over again. Check out the colorful stoles worn by some our crew bishops! Our specially trained crew knows how to do it right and no one will bring up Ordinatio Sacerdotalis while your with us

A really neat blog by a Canon lawyer, Canon Law Blog, outlines the penalties for these ordinations as outlined in Canon Law. In it, Dr. Peters writes:

You see, there is no canon directly punishing the "ordination" of women.

The rest of this article is facinating, I recommend you grab a cup of tea, settle back, and read it through to the end. (Thanks to Jimmy Akin for the link).

Are you tired of reading Main Stream Media (MSM) articles with titles like "Woman Ordained Catholic Priest"? Are you jumping up and down screaming at them: "I don't know what they were ordained, but it certainly wasn't a Catholic priest!" Well, watch with glee as Amy Welborn from Open Book turns big and lumpy (a la Fantastic Four) and yells "It's clobberin' time!!!". She writes, in I've Had It Up TO HERE:

Will someone please tell the Reuters caption writers that these women are NOT "Roman Catholic priests?"
The Reasonable behavior of MSM amuses me once again. They believe they can determine the membership of the Catholic Church's hierarchy just as much as the women "priests", whose "ordination" they covered. Does this mean that we can declare Rupert Murdock the CEO of Reuters? I mean, why should they have all the fun. Anyone should be able to determine the membership of organizations in which they're not members! It's a constitutional right! Or at least it will be once SCOTUS decides it. Right before they allow Trump to seize all of the organization's propert to make room for a new Casino. Oh, right, SCOTUS will have to read a fundamental right to gambling in the prenumbra of the Fourteenth Ammendment first. How silly of me!

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