Friday, October 21, 2005

Help Preserve Aid Organizations in Sudan

The Coalition for Darfur has a lead on how:
Send a message via Human Rights First

In the coming weeks, the Sudanese National Assembly could turn a temporary measure restricting the operation of nongovernmental organizations in Sudan into a permanent law.

In war-torn Sudan, where human rights violations are massive and the humanitarian crisis is worsening, this law would prevent necessary protection and aid from reaching the millions who need it.
The Organization of Humanitarian and Voluntary Work Act affects both local and international organizations that provide humanitarian aid and monitor human rights. Among many harmful provisions, the law gives government ministers broad and unchecked power to summarily close organizations and place heavy restrictions on receipt of foreign funding.

With support from people like you, we can protect the right of independent organizations to function. A first step is making sure that the Voluntary Work Act conforms to Sudan's constitution and to its obligations under international law so that human rights organizations can continue their critical work.
Help stop Sudan from furthering their shameful policies against the Darfuris. Take a stand against the genocidal powers-that-be in Khartoum. Join your voice with those that seek to preserve the lives of countless innocents.

What are you still doing here? Go to Human Rights First already and speak out!