Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI to Preview CBS' Pope JPII Mini-series

Catholic News Agency has the story here.

If this is any indication of the integrity of the mini-series:
Some scenes were shot in Poland, and aroused such a commotion among the polish figurants that Voight, moved by the esteem and reverence for the figure of the Pope, had to ask for a break to recover from such an emotion.
Then it may be an outstanding job. The Vatican did approve of it, and allowed the movie crew to film in St. Peter's Square.

This is CBS we're talking about, however. You know, the same CBS that attempted to air a hatchet-job bio-pic of President Reagan--directed by Barbara Streisand's husband, of all people. Trust, but verify.

What else have you heard about this upcoming mini-series on the Pope? Pass the word along.