Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tilting toward Totalitarianism

Danny Carlton over at Danny Carlton—alias "Jack Lewis" notes another example of the self-destruction of the EU. In their continuing efforts to pursue what George Weigel might call the Cube lifestyle, Reasonable EU Parlimentarians attack the Foolishness of Roman Catholicism. Again.

Citing Lifesite, Mr. Carlton observes:
The European Union’s Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a resolution earlier this month titled Women and Religion in Europe, which recommends that countries “ensure that women are not subjected to religiously inspired policies and laws [such as] abortion law[s].”

Maintaining laws that protect the most innocent and helpless members of society – the unborn – in contrast to a so-called woman’s right to choose to kill their unborn children, PACE maintains, is a form of “intolerance and discrimination” aimed at women by what they decry as male-dominated religion – an obvious reference to Roman Catholicism, a faith with a male-dominated hierarchy and a prohibition against abortion.
Of course it is! How dare the Roman Catholic Church hold to apostolic succession. What possible business do a bunch of old celebates have telling modern women not to play God with their bodies? It's perfectly Reasonable to bow down before Moloch and offer the sacrifice of the future in celebration of the One Thing that Matter's ultimate sacrament. After all, it's not as if God exists. No, there's nothing out there. To say otherwise is pure and simple Foolishness.

Meanwhile, this Fool wonders exactly where Europe's children will come from if this resolution is taken seriously. Most of Western Europe already fail to have enough children to replenish their aging populations. Immigrants from the Islamic world represent the only population-sustaining force some nations have. Even that's not enough. In the face of this obvious crisis, what can the Reasonable elites of the EU monstrosity come up with? A shill for abortion wrapped up in a cheap-shot at the Roman Catholic Church. How original. How pathetic. How Reasonable!