Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Synchronicity


Wondering why I'm blogging today?

Let me count the ways: Missed blogging all day Thursday.
Blogged late Friday.
Low-blogged Saturday.

Besides, the Giants play a crucial divisional against the Washington Redskins. The Division's so tight that a half-game seperates the second-place Dallas Cowboys from the rest of the division, who are all tied for first! Philidelphia heads to the Rockies so that the Broncos can smack them around. Unfortunately, The Cowboys play in the desert, where they're expected to toast the Eagles. Thus, the match-up of the NFC East's red-hots is a crucial game.

Meanwhile, my beloved son screams like a banshee with anger management issues. He's been sick all week, but right now, he doesn't want to nap. Oh well!

So let me expound on the banal and profound. Sit back and sip the java as your humble Fool goes ranty and reflective.