Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Meme?

Looks like it's open season on a Holy Fool! Barb, the SFO Mom demands that I confess!


I confess that I don't get this whole Bloglines thing, being a firefox live bookmarks guy, myself!

I confess that I relentlessly check my sitemeter stats and haloscan comments manager.

I confess that I too often obsess over my TTLB and Technorati standings.

I confess that I struggle to go to work lately.

I confess that I save the most vitriolic of my cynicism for the NYC Department of Education.

I confess that I'm seriously jonesing for a radio talk show that actually honors the Catholic Faith.

I confess that I don't regret my wild college past. Too much.

I confess that I can't wait to be published regularly.

I confess that the New York Giants simply Rule! And yes, they WILL win the NFC East, even though they lost the head-to-head with the Dallas Cowboys. Sorry, Julie D: you're team's going down.

There! I feel cleasned already! Now, who shall confess next? Hmmm....

You Duped Me, Lord!
The Great Bard of the North!
The Troglodyte!
Kicking Over My Traces!