Tuesday, December 20, 2005

America Magazine Eats Crow

Apparently, the production staff at the magazine had no idea that condoms are made of latex.

Catholic News Agency has the embarrassing details:
America magazine will publish an apology on Today’s edition about an ad for a offensive Virgin Mary statue.

The ad which was published in its December 5th edition, was for a “Extra Virgin Mary” statue. It appeared on page 36 of the December 5 edition which displayed a virgin covered with “delicate veil of latex”, in English: a condom.

Editor Fr. Christiansen said to CNA he was “deeply offended” by this ad. It first appeared in the magazine "because black-and-white copy of the ad didn’t make it evident" it was a condom. He said the magazine will take further steps to be more careful these adds don’t appear anymore in the magazine.
Quick! Somebody check the temperature in hell! The Foolable staff at America have actually done something Foolish! Could a seal have been broken already? Get thee to confession, Fools! The time is nigh!

In all seriousness, how could any thinking adult actually promote any advertizement that involves a statue of the Virgin Mary and a "delicate veil of latex"? I'm pleased that Fr. Christiansen has not even dared to qualify the "art" that the controversial ad features. I only wish he wouldn't have to apologize period. Nothing like this should ever make its way into a Catholic journal. Period.

"The worm has turned and he's packing an uzi!" At least, for the moment...May this clear-thinking continue!