Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Morally Broken Brokeback Mountain

Jimmy Akin weighs in on the Brokeback Mountain review debacle. He links to Steven Greydanus's review of the film. Mr. Greydanus accomplished what the USCCB Film review office failed to do: evaluate its aesthetic and moral attributes accurately in the light of the Faith:
As you might guess, he gives it significant marks for artistic merit (three and a half stars) but gives it a -4 moral/spirital rating (which is as bad as it can get on his scale), resulting in it having no appropriate audience and an overall recommendability of F.

He thus was able to separate the artistic craftsmanship of the film from its moral content, which is a very important distinction to make. Something can appear beautiful and even moving and still be gravely immorally.

"And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light" (2 Cor. 11:14).

That's the thing about sin: If it wasn't in some way attractive to people, they wouldn't do it.

Steve also bring out a point that I had been thinking about: When a morally offensive movie has artistic merit, that makes it MORE dangerous, not less, because it is better able to draw the viewer into the immoral worldview of the film than a ham-fisted, low-quality film.
Why isn't Mr. Greydanus running the USCCB Film review office again?

The willing and unwitting Agents of Evil have long penetrated the former strongholds of reason. Cultural institutions such as higher education centers and various art movements now promote as fashionable the usual, Reasonable nonsense. Thus, Reasonable elites from these institutions genuflect before the wisdom and awe of the One Thing that Matters (2.0). Their Foolable sympathizers play Lenin's "useful idiots" and help spread this ridiculousness. Thus, when elites find an artistic and beautiful expression of art that praises homosexual activity, they celebrate its daring and salute it's artistic merit and courageous theme. Unfortunately for Fools, at least one Foolable on the USCCB payroll. That's why a film like Brokeback Mountain receives such accolades even though its subject matter contradicts the truth.

Thank God at least one Fool has the eloquence and courage to point out the naked Emperor.

Let the Reasonable pout and stamp their feet! Keep laughing, Fools! Keep laughing!