Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mea Culpa!

Yes, I've neglected the blog these past two days. I'm sorry! I offer no excuses. However, here's a snapshot of my last two days:
1. On Thursday, I spent much of the day attempting to upload songs to my new Christmas gift, a Creative MuVo TX FM MP3 player. Who could imagine that a flash drive MP3 player would prove so complicated? I would upload songs, and the songs would play in the wrong order. I converted songs from ACC format to MP3 format, so that my Creative Media Organizer--that came with the player--could read my songs from Real Player. Still, no luck! This fruitless day became a somber and depressing evening, though not because of my MP3 troubles.

My father had not been himself all week. He was lethargic, plagued with exhaustion and the constant cramping of his irritated leg veins. He also exuded gloom and doom over his health and the current state of his real estate business. The Blushing Bride, haunted with her own struggles as his team partner, found her own perspective taking a downward turn as a result. Of course, yours truly, wrestling with my own demons of occupational existential angst, slipped right into the quicksand with her.

2. I awoke Friday to one of my head-splitting migrains. Someone could have driven a broom handle or a pool que between my eyes with a pile-driver, and I would have suffered less! Somehow, I managed to make it to Quest for the blood test my new Rheumatologist ordered. When I came home, the migrain intensified. I proceeded to take the headache prescription a neurologist had written for me. And for good measure, I took my morning and previous evening helpings of my RA medication.

Not the brightest move I ever made.

The headache went from bad to worse. I lay on the couch, trying to rest. My Fine Young Fool came into the family room, saying, "You don't feel good, Daddy?"

"No, buddy, I don't,"


Isn't he the greatest?

Unfortunately, his concern did not alleviate my migrain. In fact, the next phase began soon after. I felt the early warning signs from my stomach. In spite of my throbbing head, I raced into our master bedroom and to the master bath. I had just lifted the toilet seat when the first heave began.

Keep this in mind: I had fasted from all food and all liquid except water since 9PM Thursday evening in preparation for the blood test. My body had no solid waste to unleash. My stomach didn't care. I stood over that toilet, and several times my system evacuated whatever offensive substance had dared to enter. That proved to mostly be water. Though, it might have been whatever undigested medication remained in my stomach. I haven't the slightest.

After that fiasco, I laid down for about two hours. The migrain greeted me with a smile when I awoke. It persisted throughout the day, finally beginning to wane around 5:30PM. Even now, I can feel traces of the headache, like particles of mud swirling around in a whirlpool, ready to conglomerate once more!
There you have it! My tale of woe is done. Tonight, assuming my migrain remains at bay, The Foolish family and I will journey to Harrison, NY and celebrate the coming New Year. I'm uncertain how much posting I intend to do this weekend. Expect me when you see me.

Until then, Have a happy and holy New Year!