Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anniversary of an American Tragedy

Benard of A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT remembers Terri Schiavo. A year ago today, Judge Greer's court order removing her feeding and hydration tube went into effect. Doctors removed her tube and began her contemporary crucifixion.

Notes Benard:
Dory of Wittenberg Gate blog publishes a number of links to remembrances of Terri and the courageous Schindler family posted by some of the bloggers who took up her cause and tried to prevail upon the courts to preserve life.

Indeed, it’s a poignant day for many of us who poured ourselves into the fight only to have Terri die 13 days later from cruel and unusual punishment — a punishment meted out to a hapless, handicapped woman, but a punishment, to be sure, that could never be used on any condemned murderer in any state in this Union.
A year ago today, our court system decided that one compromised man's word was more important than a caring family's. A year ago today, our society celebrated the right of an Absolute Individualist to end the "suffering" of his inconvenient wife. A year ago today, Terri Schiavo began to die of thirst. She did not die of brain damage. She died because Judge Greer sentenced her to die at the behest of her philandering husband and his death-worshipping attorney.

Catholic Blogs has a comprehensive round-up.

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