Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Catholic Social Teaching Trumps Politics!

So says Gerald Augustinus of The Cafeteria Is Closed:
Catholic Social Teaching is Catholic Social Teaching, no matter what your political party might say. One should not simply brush off Catholic teaching when it doesn't fit in with one's party's platform. Catholicism shouldn't be squeezed into a Democrat or Republican mold but vice versa. I've seen Catholics of both parties claim inspiration from the Church one on issue and disregard it on another. I identify as a Catholic, and political parties are a mere means to an end.
Governments don't have morals. They have interests. Therefore, the only room for the moral pursuit of a political office's interests is the conscience of the office-holder. If that office-holder does not form his conscience on moral truth, then that office-holder's conscience is no reliable guide for the moral pursuit of interests. Unfortunately, more Catholics do not find this sad phenomena more disturbing in their politicians.

Many Foolables from either party have sought to redefine Catholic Social Teaching so that it endorses their political beliefs. While that exercise may be politically satisfying, it's hardly in accordance with the Truth. Disciples do not spin the Master's teaching in order to carry out their own agenda. They obey the Master's teaching in order to become transformed.

Catholic Americans that find themselves holding their Faith's teachings hostage to their political ideology need a reality check. They deprive themselves the fullest communion with Christ in order to pursue an Agenda that's relevent on only this side of the grave. Sad. Not surprising, but sad, nonetheless.

Catholic Social Teaching should inform the consciences of public office-holders and office seekers, not the other way around. The sooner they do, the better off society will be. Period!