Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bleg for Our Brother

You have already heard about Ron's plight.

He's asked for our prayers. Well and good.

We can also act!

Julie D. has a brilliant idea:
For anyone who feels called to help Ron out in addition to prayers, he has been talked into accepting donations. There is now a PayPal button in his sidebar for any blogging buddies or readers who are interested.
Unleash, and let slip, the Blogs of war!

Give whatever your heart and your means can afford! I'll post more information as I receive it.

Keep laughing, Fools! Our brother Ron needs it!

Update: Ron emailed me some particulars regarding his situation. While I won't discuss specifics, I will say this: Any amount that you can donate to his cause helps him immensely! I suggest making a donation, via his paypal, in a range between $10 and $25. Of course, please accept this only as my suggestion! Follow your own heart's counsel. Please give whatever you can.

And keep storming heaven with your prayers!

Update II: Rick Lugari of The B-Team weighs in!

Update III: Julie D. reminds me that her idea was a team effort:
It was a collaboration between Maureen Martin, Rhonda and Rick Lugari and me ... just all pullin' together for a brother in need. :)
Go team!

Update IV: Good news!