Monday, March 27, 2006

Thoughts of a Regular Guy has "Another Alternative"...

...on Stem Cell Research:
As I've said before, embryonic stem cell research is doomed to go the way of whaling, condemned by all right-thinking people as morally reprehensible and practially unjustifiable, given the alternative methods for achieving the same goals. A researcher in Germany may have a promising new alternative (H/T: Drudge):
German scientists said on Friday they had isolated sperm-producing stem cells that have similar properties to embryonic stem cells from adult mice.

If the same type of cells in humans show similar qualities the researchers from the Georg-August-University of Goettingen believe they could be used in stem cell research which would remove the ethical dilemma associated with stem cells derived from human embryos.

"These isolated spermatogonial stem cells respond to culture conditions and acquire embryonic stem cell properties," Gerd Hasenfuss and his colleagues said in report published online by the journal Nature.
I can just hear the whailing now. Reasonable Moloch-Worshippers, desperate for metaphysical cover, will charge the ramparts screaming for ESCR. They'll decry this radical and untested technique as catering to those ridiculous Fools that refuse to see embryos for the clump of cells that they are. IVF clinics will blanche as they watch their Ka-ching! flitter to bearish certainties. What researcher needs their excess inventory if sperm cells will do the trick and get the Federal funding. All across the Absolute Individualist front there will be the rending of garments and the gnashing of teeth.

Heaven forbid we should cure chronic diseases without mandatory offerings to Moloch! How dare we even consider such blasphemy?